Birds Club

The objective of the club widened over the years to promoting the protection of bird species and subspecies, and the conservation of their habitats. Towards this, the club strives to find out which bird taxa are threatened, monitors their sur­vival and habitats, and conducts surveys The club organises meetings for its members which include field trips and talks on wildlife topics and club meetings are an excellent opportunity to meet other birders and to visit places of ornithological interest in enjoyable company. We are an active club with over 140 members and new members are most welcome.

Communicative English

Communicating in English! Communicative English is an approach to language teaching in which a student learns from real life interaction, which can help to reinforce the value of their studies. Our below blog post explores exactly what Communicative English is, some techniques on how to improve your English Communication Skills, as well as exploring the Communicative Approach, a tried and tested method for improving your English skills as effectively as possible.

Activities Beyond Class Room

  • Internships
  • Task Based Approach
  • Physical Development Activities
  • Social Welfare Activities
  • Social Responsibility
  • Student Clubs
  • Participation in National Events
  • Leadership training
  • Civic Development Activities
  • Moral Integrity